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Google Knowledge Panel is the information box that appears in Google top result in Sidebar Section. He shows different types of information like Places. Brand, Professionals persons etc. Some people want a google knowledge panel for our brand or personal for more brand awareness. If you want how to get a google knowledge panel you can buy a google knowledge panel service.

How did knowledge panels look like

Different types of google knowledge panels appear in the search results because every panel is different from others. Many people want to google knowledge panels or graphs but they don’t know How knowledge panels work? There are some examples of knowledge panels.

These are all types of Google Knowledge Panels.

How do you get Google Knowledge Panel?

First, you decide which type of knowledge panel you need. One thing you should keep in mind every panel different from others. After Claiming panel you can edit the panel. I tell complete Procedure don’t worry.

Wikipedia panels

Some people want Wikipedia panels but the price of this panel is very high! If you want you can contact.

There are some following steps to make Google Knowledge panel?

Step 1:

First, you contact me on Fiverr

Step 2:

Second You provide me knowledge panel information for your company or personal etc

Step 3:

Information Sample:

  1. Name
  2. Country of Birth
  3. Title: Entrepreneur, Designer, Actor, Author, Politician, Athlete, etc
  4. Website Link
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Place of Birth
  7. Social Links ( FB, Instagram or LinkedIn, etc)

I need a news article for your biography to Make a knowledge panel graph. But If you don’t have we handle all things don’t worry.

Step 4:

After Making Google knowledge panel the link of the panel will be shared Link this:

After Making Panel Your work start

Because you need to edit or update the panel then how you can edit? How to claim? how to become the owner of this panel in the eyes of google. Again I say every panel is different from others.

The procedure of claim Google Knowledge Panel

There are few steps:

Step 1:

After making google knowledge panel. Its show like these on Google Maybe different its just a sample:

Now Click on the claim and start claiming your knowledge panel. Its means verification you are the owner of this knowledge panel.

Step 2:

After clicking on the claim knowledge panel this window open. Now you click on get verified.

Step 3:

Provide information with google demand.

Step 4:


These are the complete procedure how to claim google knowledge panel 

Another way to claim Google knowledge panel

This Way is very easy to claim the google knowledge panel. You need your company or personal website. like

You see the website show in the search panel. You can verify your website in the Google search console. Your panel claim is very little time may be in under 1 day. This way is very easy than others but the website is very important.

If you need any help you can contact me at any time I am always here on Fiverr or WhatsApp or email.


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